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Moving Day!

This month has been all about packing. If you have missed the previous blogs you can find them here:

Home Staging (Guest blog by Claire)

Moving Day!

Ideally you want all the packing to be done before moving day, so that on the day, all you have to do is to load the van and go. If you can get the van pre-loaded the day before, so much the better!

On your way out

Take pictures if appropriate

Meter readings

Turn lights off

Drop keys off

New Home

Meter readings

Unpack Kettle!

Hoover if you can before unpacking the van

Put together and make up the beds first!

Who you should notify of change of address:

  • The local council for council tax purposes

  • Your employer

  • Your utility companies (Gas & Electric)

  • Your GP & Dentist

  • Your phone and internet providers

  • Your bank(s)

  • The DVLA

  • TV licensing

  • Inland Revenue

  • Electoral Roll (updating your registration)

  • Your insurance providers (including pets, car and travel insurance)


I like to unpack all the boxes as soon as possible (I’m a bit of an unpacking Ninja) as it then forces me to put things away. One thing I often find in my clients’ homes is packed boxes from previous moves, so I always think it’s a good idea to get rid of the boxes as soon as possible.


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