Sustainability is

important to me,

there is no Planet B.

Whilst we sometimes have to accept that the waste happened when we bought the item we didn't need into our homes, it is often possible to give items a new lease of life.  

On this page I have given examples of where you can donate or sell your discards, starting with those local to me.  I have also included a section on simple swaps any of us can make.

Aberdeenshire Based Reuse and Recycle Organisations

Destiny Partnership are a Social Enterprise who recycle anything electrical and they even recycle CDs. They will often collect.

Instant neighbour accepts beds, mattresses (so long as with a fire label), chests of drawers, bedside tables, bedding, sofas and armchairs (again, fire label please), tables and chairs, fridges and freezers, washing machines and tumble dryers, dishwashers, electric cookers, microwaves and similar items.  Also non-perishable foods for the food bank.  They will collect large items and others can be dropped off at their site in St Machar Drive, but do check their website for details first.

Bairnecessities is a baby bank supporting babies in need.  Please check their website to see what is needed.

Abernecessities is a child support charity providing support to children in and around Aberdeenshire. They take donations of good quality Children’s items, but do check with them first to see what they need.

A local Charity supporting all those in need, based in George Street, Aberdeen.

Aberdeenshire Based Re-Sellers.

Encore is a re-selling shop focused on vintage clothing.

Lou Sells is a locally based reseller.

John Milne is an Auctioneer.

A-Team Media are a business which convert old Audio and Video on to Digital so that you can enjoy your memories long term.


Swish Swish Biz is a local swishing organisation combating clothing waste one swap at a time. Contact them at:


There are many clothing banks and local charity shops that take donations.  If you are unsure if they take what you have, give them a call.

National Organisations for Donations and Recycling 

The website Reduce, Reuse Recycle has a wealth of ideas for recycling:


Recycling for good causes takes all sorts, including various small electricals, jewellery and old or foreign currency.


Terracycle recycle the “non-recyclable”


Other ideas for clothing donation are;

Turtle dove will make a pair of wrist warmers out of your old cashmere jumper for you.


Smalls For All collect bras (and unused pants),


Takes wedding dresses and turns them into gowns for still born babies.


Peta take fur for demonstrations and also donate them to refugees.

Many wildlife rescues will also take fur to use for orphaned wildlife, but obviously, check with your rescue first.


Many charity shops take shoes.  In addition, try the following charities;


Almost all charity shops take books to sell.  

In addition, many schools, hospitals, libraries, and retirement homes may be happy to take your unwanted books,

although please check with them first. 

is a simply fascinating idea for a book worm like me! 



Craft supplies;

National Re-Selling


National clothing resellers;

H&M, Marks and Spencers, and Zara all have recycling initiatives in store. 


To sell your wedding gown, try


CDs, DVDs and Books

Simple Sustainable Swaps


These are some swaps that we have made in our own family.  

I have no affiliations with any of these brands and get nothing for recommending them, I just like their products and what they do.


The amusingly named Who Gives A Crap make toilet roll from Bamboo or Recycled Paper.

 They give 50% of their profits to build toilets in places without them.


Brushbox make bamboo toothbrushes.


Thistle and Clay are a local Aberdeenshire business who make gorgeous Shampoo bars (among other things).


We love buying our milk and other products from Forest Farm – a local Organic Dairy with a milk Vending Machine!