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Using Notion

It's no secret that I'm a bit scatty, but this is one of the tactics that I use to keep my brain in order.

Using a Visual Diary.

Getting things done can be hard work! In this video, I explain how I use a visual diary to keep myself on task.

File Folding

The basics of folding clothing.

Wardrobe Declutter

Join me as I declutter my wardrobe - I answer many of the questions that people ask.

Folding a fitted sheet.

It's not as difficult as you think!

Top Tip for Preventing a Floordrobe.

A hook in the wardrobe is an excellent place for half worn clothes.

Top Tip for Folding Skiwear.

This was particularly enjoyable to do!

I have a number of short videos on YouTube which Wix doesn't want to link to! And sometimes, I put videos up on YouTube without putting them here as well, so do check out my Channel.

But here is a small list, with links... 

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