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My journey with the Marie Kondo Method™ began in 2014 when we were living in Brisbane, Australia. Although I have always been a relatively tidy and ordered person and kept that way with frequent international moves, I nevertheless felt that something was missing in my organisation methods and I still felt buried under “stuff” and irritated that, after every move we made, whether domestic or international, there were STILL things to be taken to the tip! 

Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up changed all that.  Starting with my own journey, following the Marie Kondo Method™ and keeping only those things that Sparked Joy, the rest of the family embraced it too and now our house is filled only with those things that Spark Joy for us.

In April 2018, I attended the first European KonMari Seminar in London in order to start the process of becoming a certified Marie Kondo Consultant.

When I am not working with clients to bring order to their homes and lives, I Home Educate our 4 children and look after the menagerie of animals (7 horses, 5 dogs, 3 cat3, 6 ducks and 9 chickens at last count).  I also compete in Endurance Riding and represented Scotland in 2019 at the Home International and Celtic Challenge.