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Frequently Asked Questions

We've pulled together some of the Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have others, do feel free to drop us a line through our contact page.

What is KonMari?

KonMari, or the Marie Kondo Method, is the act of positively choosing what you want to keep in your life. During the process we touch everything in your home, but the method often ends up going way beyond a home that supports you and is easy to live in.

Can you help me in my home?

Yes! We love helping people in home! Both Rosie and Natalie work in-home with people. 

How about if I just want to organise without decluttering?

If we just organise your belongings without finding out what you actually need to keep, you’ll very quickly end up in a muddle again.  Decluttering is fundamental to the process, although it’s not as scary as you might think.  We don’t ninja roll in and throw everything away, you are in complete control of what stays and what goes.  Sometimes, if “Decluttering” seems too scary a word, then “Auditing” is an easier way to approach it.

How many sessions will I need?

This is a “How long is a piece of string” question and it depends entirely on you.  Some people whizz through the process (like the lady who released 70 binbags worth of stuff over two days), whilst other prefer to go slower (like Rosie’s longest running client who is still going after 5 years!).  It depends on your processing speed, how many things you have, and how much you are willing to do within sessions.  One thing that we have learned is that the closer together your sessions are, the fewer of them you need.

What happens in a session?

Usually the very first thing that we do is to have a cup of tea!  If this is our first session with you, we will have a tour of your home and talk through what you are hoping to achieve. Then we get stuck in and get on on working alongside you to tackle the category and space we're tackling that day.

Can you do this for me?

We cannot do it without your input. We will not come into your home and do it for you, you need to be a part of it.  The reason is because it is a way of changing your life rather than just a method to tidy your home (although as a method of tidying your home, it’s second to none!).

Can you help me online?

Yes, Rosie does both short (45 minute) coaching calls, and longer (3 hour) decluttering sessions.  Also, 12 Weeks To Tidy is entirely online.

Will you make me throw things away?

Whilst decluttering is fundamental to what we do, we never force you to let anything go.  In fact we love hearing, "I love this" because that means it is definitely an easy keeper.  Decluttering is not about throwing away everything you own, but about finding the things that you love.

How far do you travel?

Natalie travels about an hour from Balmedie.

Rosie travels up to an hour and a half from Fyvie within her day rate, and up to 2 hours with a fuel surcharge.  Further distances require overnight stays and can be accommodated, although generally she prefers to stay within the UK.

Who needs your sessions?

So many different people!  A Venture Capitalist in London, an Entrepreneur in Peterhead, a Retired Teacher in Inverbervie, an Academic in Torry, a Care Worker in Banchory, a Stay at Home Mother in Bristol, a Computer Specialist in Wargrave, a Business Coach in Peterculter, a Librarian in Ashgrove, a Couple moving country in Rubislaw, a Business Owner in Westhill, a Photographer in Stonehaven, a child in Aberdeen. Men and women, young and old, single, couple and families.  The one thing that they all have in common is that they know that being more organised will make their lives easier.  In addition, Rosie has a special interest in ADHD.

Do you take things away?

As a general rule, you are expected to dispose of things yourself as part of the process, although under certain circumstances (such as ill health, or no transport) we will take things away with us within reason.

Do you have any free advice?

Oh, so much!  Check out the Resources tab on our website.

How do I book a session?

Everyone needs an initial consultation before they can book in a day’s decluttering.  To do that, go to the 1-2-1 online consultation calendar and book in using the code INITIAL which will make the session free.  The code only works once per person, and should only be used for an initial consultation, not just to get free advice (for free advice, try the Resources page).  If you cannot see a convenient time to book a session, please drop us an email with some times that you can do and we’ll see what we can manage.

Can I book a shorter session?

Sessions need to be at least 3 hours long really to get a good benefit from them. Whilst Rosie only works full days, Natalie offers half days if you are close to Balmedie or in Aberdeen.  Online sessions can be booked for either 45mins or 3 hours.

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