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5 Signs we’re not the Professional Organisers for you!

1. You want to organise without discarding. Sorry, just nope. The number 1 tool for getting organised is decluttering first and there is zero point in me coming in, Home Edit style, with heaps of containers and putting your belongings in them. You’d only need me back in a few months time to do it all again and that’s not my bag. I want to get you decluttered and organised and then never see you again (sorry!).

2. You want us to do it for you. For this process to truly work, you have to be involved. Yes, we can (metaphorically) do the heavy lifting and make it as easy as possible for you, but you need to be there to make decisions about what you want to keep in your life and where it makes sense for things to be stored in your home.

3. You want to be told exactly what to do. Our method of decluttering is individual for each person, but is centred on YOU learning what brings YOU joy. We are not going to tell you to get rid of or keep a particular item, but we will support you in making the decisions. We’re not giving a top down mandate for how you should live your life.

4. You’re expecting Marie Kondo. While we have been trained by Marie and her team, we’re not her. We are The Tidy Coo – Rosie and Natalie – and neither of us will ever waft around your home wearing white. We’re pretty pragmatic, happy to crawl on our hands and knees under you bed or through your loft. In the same way, Rosie is not Natalie, and Natalie is not Rosie – we’re both individuals who will bring our own experiences to this. If you’re not sure who you want in your home – a word to the wise, Natalie is the kinder one, Rosie is the bossier one…

5. You baulk at our fees. We’re not cleaners, we don’t charge the same fees as cleaners. Our business model is not based on coming to see you every week for the rest of your lives. We’re trained professionals who will change your life. We like to come in, get the job done, and move on.

If, after that, you realise that we are the Professional Organisers for you, do feel free to book an initial consultation!


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