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Natalie Mackay


I’ve always been a list-loving, organised person but not necessarily tidy.  I’ve always had a fascination for show homes and capsule wardrobes, but couldn’t quite achieve either. I absolutely hated cleaning…I’m still not a fan but now it’s no longer a chore and can be completed in a fraction of the time with no need for procrastination.

When my children arrived and I began to spend more time at home, I spent hours trying to keep it tidy, but it never stayed that way for very long. I now realise I was  just moving things around the house.

As my children grew, we would sometimes holiday at Crieff Hydro.  It was during one of these breaks, when we were staying in one of their beautiful lodges that I questioned why we couldn’t live this way at home.  I realised it was the lack of clutter and unnecessary things. The lodge was still cosy, comfortable and definitely not minimalist, yet it had everything we needed.


Fast forward a few years when I picked up a copy of Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  Here were the answers and, almost immediately after my own KonMari journey, I knew I wanted to help others live their ideal lifestyles using this method.


Here are some of the things that happened for me:​

  • I was able to let go of inherited belongings with gratitude and without guilt. I now truly treasure the items I chose to keep


  • I sold broken and unwanted jewellery for £600


  • I discovered my homestyle, which I previously struggled with

  • I found that I only needed around 70% of the furniture and furnishings in my house and discarded lamps, ceiling lights, side tables, curtains and a whole wall of bookcases. My home now feels much airier and most importantly, it’s much easier to clean!


  • I now have a lot more time to do the things I love and a lot more head space, because my to-do lists are done


  • I’ve not only made money but I’ve saved money by only buying what I need and I’m confident will spark joy


  • My mornings are serene and the act of getting the children out the door to school works like clockwork


  • I now own a capsule wardrobe and never have the dilemma of what to wear. I can now spend more time in bed and less time searching for an outfit


So while I don’t live in a show home, I do have the feeling of living in a holiday home all year round with the time and energy to enjoy the good things in life. I’m so happy to be part of The Tidy Coo Crew and I'm looking forward to helping clients take a holiday in their homes!

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