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Are you overwhelmed by your home and life?  


Do you waste time looking for things that you know you have but can’t find, then waste money buying replacements, filling up your precious space with duplicates and things you don’t need?


Does the thought of people coming round fill you with anxiety knowing that you’ll be running round trying to get the place tidy, only to still feel like you’ve not quite made it to being a “grown-up”? Your diary is stuffed full and you’re afraid that people are going to find out that you’re secretly a hot mess.


You know that getting organised would help and it would have a huge positive impact on you, but you’re overwhelmed, paralysed by procrastination. You’ve tried before, then ended up in a bigger mess than you started, or you managed to get it tidy, but soon found yourself back in a muddle again.  


But what if you COULD have a home that was tidy and organised?  One that STAYED that way.  What if your home supported you in your life and that by organising your home, the rest of your life also came into focus?  


What if you woke up every morning to a tidy home?

What if you could find the things you needed, when you needed them?

What if you always knew what to cook?

What if you could focus on living your best life?

What if life was just easy?


It’s true that getting organised can take an investment of time, but it needn’t be overwhelming.


Learn how to Tidy like a Professional Organiser with 12 Weeks To Tidy, my online course.  Learn how to identify and let go of the things that are holding you back.  Surround yourself only with the things that you love and that support you in your life.


Take concrete steps to create the home of your dreams.  Learn systems that will keep you organised forever.  Invest time in yourself and your home to gain huge paybacks.  Create space in your diary and time to breathe.

12 Weeks To Tidy is an online course designed by me,

Rosie Barron - The Tidy Coo.


The course consists of 12 modules and a workbook, How-To videos and step-by-step instructions.


The 12 modules are:

1. Preparation

  • Looking at why we get organised, The Golden Rules, Vision work and Pre-declutter planning.

2. Clothes

  • How to declutter your wardrobe, folding tutorial and a declutter demo.

3. Accessories and Capsule Wardrobes

  • Decluttering accessories, creating a capsule wardrobe, Bedroom and Porch organisation.

4. Self-Care

  • Toiletries, Make up, Medicines, Bathroom, Linens.  Folding a fitted sheet tutorial!

5. Kitchen and Utility

  • Decluttering your kitchen, Menu and Laundry planning.

6. Living Area (incl. books)

  • Books, Music, Film, Office, Electricals, and Ornaments.

7. Deeper Storage Spaces

  • Loft, Garage, and deep storage.

8. Papers

  • How to Sort and How to File.

9. Digital and Time

  • Decluttering your digital spaces and decluttering your diary.

10. Sentimental

  • How to deal with sentimental items.

11. Photos

  • A workshop on Photo Management.

12. Storage and Maintenance

  • Creating storage solutions that work for you and maintaining your easy life.

13. Beyond 12 Weeks

  • New for 2023!


The modules can be worked through in your own time and at your own pace, as you have access for a whole year from signing up.  If you join one of the coached courses, there is a group accountability call once a week for 12 weeks to help keep you on track.


Bookings open in December for the coached course with a January start.  The accountability calls are on a Monday or Tuesday evening at 7pm, depending on which coached course you choose.  The 12 calls are on the weeks beginning 2nd Jan, 9th Jan, 16th Jan, 23rd Jan, 6th Feb, 13th Feb, 20th Feb, 27th Feb, 13th Mar, 20thMar, 27th Mar, and 3rd Apr.  Please note that there are no sessions for the weeks of 30th Jan and 6th Mar.


The course is hosted on this website with the weekly accountability calls on Zoom. There is also a supportive Facebook group to help you between calls and to get advice from Rosie, and from others who have done the course.

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Fabulous. Really enjoyed attending 12 week course. Brilliant highly recommend. - Eileen 


Positive and encouraging every step of the decluttering way. - Sue-Ann


Just coming to the end of weekly Kon Mari Workshops with Rosie, I can't recommend this highly enough & not only have I learned new structure & letting go (it is hard) but I have met the most lovely group of ladies. My best New Year resolution. - Catherine 


A massive Thankyou to Rosie. I really enjoyed the course, I got so much out of it. It would have taken me a hell of a lot longer and I know I wouldn’t have stuck with it if I hadn’t had your guidance, tips and great advice. - Ali

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