Working with a Professional Organiser is
like working with a Personal Trainer

There is no denying that the fastest way to create space and peace in your home is in-home sessions.  During these sessions, I travel to your home and together we go through your belongings, choosing positively what to keep and releasing the rest.
Having one-to-one help provides structure and accountability, wrapped up in a personalised package.

Our in-home sessions start at £180 with Natalie, rising to £250 with Rosie. Each session is about 5 hours, but can vary for each individual client and session depending on the energy and intensity.

There are no set timings for how often the sessions take place.  The average is about once a month, but some people like them closer together and others prefer them further apart.

"Thank you SO much for your help, not just for today but for helping me see a way through the chaos when it hit us all.  Thanks for all the tips, like Ziffit etc.  Really appreciate it.  You have made it all a little more bearable and doable". – Donna, Photographer


12 Weeks To Tidy

12 Weeks to Tidy is an online course that takes you step by step through how to declutter and get organised so that you can live an “Easy Life”. Each week, there is a recorded element, which includes exercises and tasks to do, and an Accountability session on a Tuesday evening. The recorded elements are delivered through a private FaceBook group and the Accountability calls on Zoom, so please do make sure that you have access to both of these mediums before signing up.

The next course starts in the first week of January 2022.


One-to-one Online

One to One online sessions are a great way to get personalised decluttering and organising help. They can run as a standalone, as a top up to 12-Weeks-To-Tidy, or as in-between sessions to in-home decluttering.



I regularly give talks to groups, both online and in-person.  

Contact me to find out more.


Training for

Professional Organisers

I offer training for other Professional Organisers - contact me to finds out more.