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Doing a Digital Declutter

It is all too easy to forget about decluttering the digital spaces in your life. They don’t take up much room after all, but they do take up room in your head! A decluttered digital space will help you to work more efficiently.

Decluttering digital spaces follows the same principles as decluttering physical spaces. To remind you of the rules, they are:

1. Declutter first

2. Start with the Easy Wins

3. Work in Categories

4. Handle everything

5. Choose positively

6. Store Like with Like

7. Aim for clear surfaces

Start by bringing similar items together and check to see whether you are making a positive choice to keep them. Discard the unnecessary and then store like with like. If your computer is a bit messy, it may take time to go through all of your documents, but believe me when I say that this is a good use of your time. It will free up space on your computer AND in your head.

When it comes to organising your documents, I like to keep a clear desktop and to use a system that I would describe as a waterfall. Pretty big, broad categories, trickling down to a specific document. I prefer not to have too many choices in any one of the levels as it makes it easier to see what I am doing.

I’ve chosen this example to show you. To get to the last year's blogs, we go Documents> The Tidy Coo>Tidy 2020> . It makes it super easy to find anything that I need.

So your challenge for this week is to declutter the documents and programs on your computer and arrange them in a such a way that it is easy to find them and not be overwhelmed with information every time that you turn your computer on.

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