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What to do with lightly worn clothes?

“Help! What do I do with lightly worn clothes? I can’t get to my wardrobe because I have too many of them in the way!”

It is as well to have a designated spot for clothes that you’ve worn once and aren’t quite clean enough to put away, but are too clean to need washing. This prevents a floordrobe from taking over your room. If they are clean enough they can, of course, go straight back in the drawer, although be a little wary of this as moths can be attracted to the pheromones left on clothing that isn't washed.

I have a hook in my wardrobe that they are hung off, but other suggestions are that they could be hung at one end of the wardrobe, on the back of the bedroom door, or my father used to have a special valet stand that was meant for a jacket but could easily be used for lightly worn clothes. . You could also have a designated drawer or shelf to fold them on to. The actual spot you decide to put them is not that important, it’s having a spot that is important.

Where do you put yours?


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