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How to get started on your Decluttering Journey.

So, you’re ready to start Decluttering and Organising, all set for a brand new year. But where do you start? To be successful in anything that you do, it helps to know where you are going.

Dog resting it's head-on young child's leg whilst reading. Cosy.
Reading with my youngest daughter.

As part of setting up for a successful declutter, work on your vision, which is how you want your life to look. Imagine I could come in and wave a magic wand – what would your home look like?

Of course, your vision can, and will, change over time, but it’s your vision right NOW that I want you to record. There are a couple of ways that you can work on your vision. Some people like to make mood boards, whilst other people like to write it down. Focus on your most perfect day and talk yourself through it. What would happen when and why? Think about it in minute detail and write it down in all its glory. How do you feel at each part of the day?

Try to focus on the positives, “I would like the surfaces to be clear and easy to clean.” Rather than the negatives, “I don’t want clutter!”

“My own vision starts with as much a feeling as anything else. Warm and welcoming are how I want my house to feel. Somewhere where the kettle is always on and there is always cake in the cake tin to share. Somewhere where it is safe to sit and talk, where you know that you’re supported in your lows, and celebrated in your highs.

An ideal “home day” for me starts with a cup of tea in bed whilst I plan out my day. I feed the horses and wake the children up. Over breakfast I read a book to them. Then we get on with our morning chores of getting up and dressed and feeding the animals without any drama. My wardrobe is filled only with lovely clothes that fit me and made me feel wonderful.

Once we are up and dressed, we sit and work on our morning lessons together. After lunch, we ride the ponies, meet up with friends, bake a cake, do some art or just chill out. We tidy up the house as we went along and do any laundry without a fuss.

Rosie brushing grey horse.
Spending time with my horses is important for my mental wellbeing.

At dinner time, one of the children helps me to prep the meal and we sit down as a family to eat it and chat about our day and anything else that came up. In the evening, I read a book and spend time with my husband, before going to bed at a decent hour and getting at least 8 hours of sleep. In the summer months, I ride first thing in the morning before the kids get up, or after Ian gets home from work.

‘Work Days’ would be similar, except that I would leave the house knowing that all the chores would be done and that I would come back home to happy children after I’ve worked with my lovely clients.”

Go for it!

Family of 6 on a sofa to watch a movie.
Part of my vision was to spend more time relaxed as a family.

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