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Physical Photos

We’re taking a break from Christmas prep this week to go back to finishing up our Categories for the year and this week we are talking about photos.

My KonMari and Photo Manager training differ on what order to do Photos in, with KonMari suggesting that Physical photos will be an easier job than Digital so to do that first, whilst my Photo Manager Training says that Digital Photos are more vulnerable than Physical, so should be done first. In this instance, and as there is only a week between blogs, I am going to follow KM. It is worth knowing though that the two methods largely agree with each other in every other respect.

You know the deal by now! Gather together all Physical Photos from wherever they are. Remove Photos from non-archival storage such as sticky or magnetic albums and sort as Chronologically as you are able. Once the photos are chronological (although pruning can be done whilst ordering if there is anything obvious), aim for your ABCs.

A. Album Photos are the very best photos – the ones that really tell your story. They are the best quality and you are going to want them on your walls or in your albums. Make sure that you store them with enough information to properly tell the story!

B. Box Photos are the ones that are good, and perhaps you want to keep them, but not ones that you really want to refer to much. These will end up being stored in Archival boxes. Photos (even boxed ones) should be stored in the house where the temperature and humidity are reasonably stable.

C. Are the for the Can. Blurred photos, duplicates, random unidentifiable landscapes etc. Thank these and send them on their way!

Both As and Bs should end up also being digitised, but we will cover that in a couple of weeks. Have a fun week of sorting.


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