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Pack Like A Pro!

With restrictions lifting this week in much of the UK, and holidays, both overseas and at home, becoming more likely, we are taking a little side step away from Tidy 21 to talk about packing.


The key to a well packed suitcase is preparation. I have a packing list so that I don’t forget anything important. Although it has changed over the years, the change has been relatively gradual, and the list has gently evolved. So the first thing that I do is to check the list and to edit it according to what type of holiday we are going on. I remove anything from it that we don’t need. I also have a look at the holiday and sketch out a plan of what we might be up to each day. Then I gather everything that I need for the holiday and bring it all together in to one place.


I try to pack the absolute minimum that I can get away with. I like to travel light and have a manageable amount of stuff, but also, with 4 children, we all have to pack as little as we can get away with so that we can fit in the car! To that end, I often decant large toiletries into smaller bottles to make it easier to pack. I also chose clothes that can be worn several different outfits.

Fold into outfits

Once I have gathered everything together, it’s time to pack. I like to fold clothes in to outfits, depending on what I might be up to that day, and pack the things that I will need first at the top of the suitcase. If I am wearing something twice, then I will pack it in the first outfit.

Check out this video I made showing how I pack:


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