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Organising gardening equipment.

This week’s category is gardening. Now I have to admit that gardening is not a passion of mine. I LOVE a pretty garden and I love looking at flowers, or pulling home grown produce out of the ground, but getting them in there is a bit of a problem for me. With children, dogs, cats, poultry and, occasionally, horses running around on my lawn, we are not the sort of family who have stripes in our lawn (much to Mr Tidy Coo’s eternal regret).

However, I still do grow things when I have the time and I have a range of implements that I use. To declutter your gardening kit, gather together all of it and then categorise it into tools, pots, compost, seeds, gloves etc.

See what you want to keep and let go of anything that is broken unless it can be fixed. If it can be fixed, investigate who can do this for you, and make a time in your diary to take it along to be fixed. Whilst we’re in this category, check for things that need sharpening or servicing too and get those booked in.

Try to store it all in the same place rather than having it scattered around the shed or other storage place. So all compost bags together, all forks in the same place. It sounds like simple advice, but I often go into a shed to help declutter and organise it and find everything spread out around it with no idea of how many of each thing my client has. Try to hang things like forks on the walls if you can to keep the floor clear.


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