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Organising Camping and Outdoor Equipment.

This week we are staying outside to take advantage of the lovely weather here and moving on to camping equipment, with apologies to those who don’t “do” camping, and other outdoor living stuff.

I have to admit that until last 2019, camping was not something that I had ever really considered doing, but then I started taking my horses to competitions that lasted more than one day. So I needed stuff to allow me to stay overnight in my trailer and after we made it on to the Scottish Team for the Home International for Endurance Riding, we needed to camp for a week as a whole family. Off we went and bought a 6-person tent. We had enough camping chairs for all of us and I had already bought a camping stove and “kitchen” so we were pretty set. I can’t say that it was the best experience of my life, but having the right equipment certainly helped (the half box of Prosecco undoubtedly helped). This summer we enjoyed a camp out with our friends at home.

You know the drill by – gather all of your camping equipment together and go through it. Inspect tents for holes, ground mats for comfort, sleeping bags for warmth and other equipment that you may have for usefulness. Ensure that all of your equipment is stored together and in a dry place free from damp.

The other category to look at this week is outdoor living. For example, BBQing equipment, outdoor chairs, crockery that is only used outdoors etc. Again, bring each category together and check that it Sparks Joy.

I’d like to make a quick note of something that I mentioned back in the Pack Like A Pro blog and is relevant in this category. Something that I encourage my clients to do is to have a “Travel Box”. Into this box goes anything that you only use when you travel – it might be travel sized toiletries, or luggage scales, or portable black out blinds, or insect repellent. Anything that you know you will need to locate before you go on holiday, store together in a box so that it is easy for you to find.


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