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Organise your Hair Accessories

Hair accessories covers everything you use to look after your hair, from dryers and straighteners, to brushes and clips. Gather them all together in one place as usual and sort them into categories. Ask yourself if each one Sparks Joy. You can also ask questions like, Do I use it? How long have I had it? Is this the right number of hair products for me? Whilst I would never push someone to discard something that they are uncomfortable discarding, I would do a little reminder here that it is always easier to look after and organise Less.

There are so many different ideas on storage that I’m not going to go into it too much here. What I will say is that everything needs a place and that place needs to make sense! With3 girls (and 1 boy), we have quite a few hair accessories! The hair elastics are communal and are kept in a box in a kitchen drawer along with 2 hair brushes – one for straight hair and one for curly hair. It’s kept in the kitchen because that is where we do hair every morning and whenever we find spare bands hanging around (they seem to shed them everywhere!) we know where to put them back to.

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