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Manage your Make Up Mayhem in 6 steps.

1. Collect all your make up together, including any that you might find in bags or drawers around the house.

2. Categorise – sort into categories such as mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick etc.

3. Declutter – most make up has a very short period that it should be open for. Check the little open sign on the back. Some brands don’t have this on them, but the rule of thumb is 6-18 months for anything that goes on your face and the closer it is to your eyes, the shorter the period should be. Don’t hang on to items just because they cost a lot of money!

4. Clean – give your brushes and sponges a good clean whilst you’ve got everything together. Baby soap is a good option for this.

5. Mark Up – write the opening date on your make up with a sharpie so that you know how long it’s been open for.

6. Organise – as always, this is the last step! Make sure that the things that you use regularly are the easiest to reach and are in prime position. Use dividers to keep things in categories.

Give your make up bags a good clean whilst you’re in this category too. Remember that there are no right or wrong numbers. I rarely wear make-up, so I have very little, but some people prefer much more. One of my clients had a bit of an epiphany whilst doing make-up – she realised that she dislike wearing it, but that she had always felt like she should have a lot because that was what her friends did. So she discarded most of it, just keeping back a little for the odd occasion that she might wear it. How freeing!

This make up sort out was from one of my wonderful Workshop Attendees - she did such a fantastic job:


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