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Keeping Craft Supplies Organised

“I have a craft room and it’s always such a mess, how can I keep it tidy?”

Start with your vision. What is it that you would like the room to look like, how would you like to be able to use it?

Audit your supplies. I get a LOT of pushback from crafters at the suggestion that they might like to let anything go, so I suggest an Audit instead. Go through all of your supplies and see what it is that you have and think truthfully about whether or not you will use it. Are you hanging on to stuff that you bought that you will never use? Would it be better to let it go to someone who will use it? You may be surprised how much you let go if you handle everything.

Store in categories – the actual storage solution you come up with will depend on the amount you keep and your budget, but keep like with like. Don’t get hung up on fancy solutions, boxes that you already have may well be the best thing to use. Make sure that you label them well though, and possibly stick a photo on the front of the box so that you can easily see what is in it.


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