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How To Menu Plan

Menu Planning can really take the stress out of your daily routine. Knowing what you are going to eat and that you have the ingredients in makes your life run more smoothly. Menu planning needn’t be boring or prescriptive – like most of organising, it’s something to make your life easier.

Pork in Lettuce Wraps

To menu plan, start by writing down the meals that you most enjoy eating, then put them into vague categories depending on their ingredients. Sketch out a vague plan such as this one:

Monday; Stir Fry.

Tuesday; Fish or pork (steamed, poached, in a pie, sausages),

Wednesday; Beef (including Bolognese, meatballs).

Thursday; Chicken (with pasta, potatoes, rice, whatever!)

Friday; Fish and chips for the kids, a more grown up meal for the adults.

Saturday: Pizza for Movie night!

Sunday; Roast.

Yours will be different to mine, because your family will like different meals to my family and your routine will be different to ours. We have enough meals that we like to have a rolling 4 week menu, which gets switched around as we try new meals out (my husband loves to cook new dishes and I love to eat them!).

Then at the beginning of each week, or before you go shopping, look at your diary, see what commitments you have coming up for that week and decide what you are going to cook. Then you can write a list out to go shopping with which will help you save money. We use the app Bring! for our shopping. Myself, my husband and my eldest daughter all have the app on our phones, and we can update the list whenever we notice we are running low on an item.

Have a go at Menu Planning this week and let me know how you get on!



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