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4 tips for storing Outerwear.

This week we are working on Outerwear such as coats, hats, scarves and gloves. The system is the same as it was for the other clothes. Pull it all out, separate and collect categories together and then ask yourself if each item Sparks Joy. Always check the pockets of coats before donating them!

The number of items that you will keep is completely personal and will depend on your lifestyle. I have only a few coats, the one which I am normally wear is a big warm riding coat, although I do have a couple of others for smarter occasions.

I really like scarves, so I have a box full of them – some that are more winter based and warm, others that are lighter and generally worn to give an outfit some more colour in the warmer months (living in Aberdeenshire, it’s a rare day that it’s too warm to wear a light scarf!). Gloves, I have a smart warm pair, a smart thinner pair, and then several thick warm and/or waterproof ones that I wear to do the horses and to ride in. Hats, I’m down to just two woolly bobble types – it’s interesting how fashions have moved on as I am finding that it is rarer to come across the types of big hats that we used to wear to weddings and now it is more about the fascinators.

Storage Tips

Once you have decluttered your outerwear, it’s worth giving some thought as to how you are going to store it. Again, don’t break your heart over this as storage solutions can and will change during the tidying festival. Here are some ideas though.

1. Only keep the coats that you are wearing in a particular season in the hallway. For me, in an Aberdeenshire winter, this means that my hall cupboard should just have my thick riding/outdoor coat and my warm smart coat. The rest live in my wardrobe until they are swapped out as the season turns. If you don’t have space in your wardrobe, you could consider vacuum packing them into a deeper storage space, such as a loft.

2. I keep my gloves and hats in a clear hanging shoe organiser which has pockets. It makes it easy to see where they are at a glance. I hang it on the side in the cupboard rather than over the door.

3. Scarves can be neatly folded into a box or alternatively hung off a hanger or hook. Do not squish them into a drawer, you’ll never find them!

4. I keep all my children’s scarves and gloves in one box rather than trying to separate them out, but regardless of whether you think they are better together or separate, a box is super useful for throwing them into rather than trying to hang them up.

Scarves organised and folded into a basket.

Remember that it should be easy to put your things away as if it is not, then they will just end up hanging around and cluttering up your entrance.

Next week we will be focusing on shoes and bags.

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