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How to best use storage spaces.

“I’ve recently bought an ottoman bed and I want to make the most efficient use of the storage that I can – what should I do?”

Don’t be in a rush to fill the space under the bed, always remember that decluttering is better than organisation, but sometimes there is nothing quite like having a new space to fill!

Bedding is the most obvious use of the storage under the bed, or off season clothes if you are the sort of person who changes your wardrobe over. Vacuum packing is good under here because it is surprising how dusty it gets and also as it’s not well ventilated, things can get smelly, but remember to label the packs as it’s easy to forget what is in them.

It is also a good place to hide presents that you don’t want to be found! But don’t forget that they are there. And one of my fabulous clients used it for, um, adult dressing up…

My own bed is lifted off the floor and has nothing underneath it except a small basket either side that serves as a nightstand. How about you? Do you have an ottoman bed of one with space under it? What do you store under your bed?


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