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Getting Organised for Winter.

As we start the Autumn here in the UK, we really need to give some thought to winter. Whilst I’m hopeful that we can skip the lockdowns that we experienced last winter, the warnings are there that it may still be a rocky road and I will be amazed if we get through without some form of restrictions being imposed.

So let’s make sure that our homes are a sanctuary for us to retreat to.

Now is definitely the time to go through your cupboards and fridge to check that you have enough food to last several days in the event that you have to self-isolate without being able to get a food delivery slot. We have some milk and bread in the freezer for those days when we get snowed in. Even if you steer clear of Covid itself, you may well catch the Flu or a nasty cold, so it’s worth having some emergency meals in the freezer in case you don’t feel up to cooking (especially if you are a parent and have small children in the house demanding to be fed!).

Make sure that any medications that you take are in date and stocked, particularly paracetamol (I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy the entire pharmacy worth, just make sure that you have a couple of packets). Medications for animals too – last year when we were physically snowed in and unable to get out of our drive without a tractor, one of our ponies colicked. It was a long night keeping him moving, but fortunately I had painkillers in stock for him and he made a full recovery.

Then there are other things that are a good thing to sort out now as the nights draw in and before winter storms begin. Living in deepest, darkest, rural Aberdeenshire, winter prep is important even without Covid. Septic tanks need checking, as do chimneys, gutters and piping.

I’ve been taking an inventory of our wardrobes to make sure that we are set up with the winter clothes that we need. If, like me, you live rurally, it is worth making sure that you have your salt and grit in stock. Ensure that you have torches that work and batteries for them in case of powercuts.


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