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Film and Music

This week, however, we are focusing on Film and Music. This category can be a funny one as when you were born probably defines how what type of physical media you have and how much of it. Some people may still have lots of physical media, some of which may be obsolete, whilst others have none at all

Regardless of the type of media you have your collection on, as always, you need to gather it together to have a good look through it. Decide which ones to keep based on how much you love them and watch them or listen to them. It is a good idea to go through your digital collections at the same time as your physical collection so that you can check for duplications.

One thing to check here is whether or not you still have the ability to play the type of media that you have. There is no point in keeping tapes if you don’t have a tape player for example! When it comes to storing physical media such as DVDs or CDs, you can take them out of their cases and into special storage folders which takes up less room if you have a lot.

I personally, don’t have any CDs at all, they all belong to my husband as he’s the one who is interested in music (I prefer to work or drive in silence), so this isn’t a category in the house that I have any control over. He didn’t want to take his CDs out of their cases as he likes the artwork. The CDs are stored in a large drawer in the sitting room.

It is the same with DVDs, rather than decanting them into folders, we have them stored on shelves in a small area between the sitting room and the conservatory. We made an effort a few years ago to start a weekly family movie night which we really enjoy. We eat pizza and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows.


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