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Decluttering exercise equipment

This week on the blog, we are going to cover exercise equipment and this includes such things as bikes, weights, yoga mats, helmets and also larger equipment such as running machines and, of course, in my household, horse riding equipment.

I’ve put exercise equipment in at this point because often a lot of it, such as bikes, will be stored outside and we might as well do this in the warmer weather. So how much equipment do you have? Gather it all together as far as is possible (I’m not expecting you to lug an exercise bike around) and assess it.

As a Professional Organiser that I frequently find exercise machines being used as clothes stands, or weights being used as door stops. Obviously, exercise is extremely important – my dog walking and my horse riding are pretty much the things that keep me sane – but this is a category where it is important to be pragmatic about the things you chose to keep. There is zero point in keeping a running machine that is being used as a clothes horse – reclaim the space, the equipment that is not being used does not deserve the real estate in your house, you might even be able to make some money back by selling it! These often go well on local groups.

If there is equipment that you regularly use, make sure that it has a proper home to be put in. The weights and yoga mats here are put into a blanket box in the sitting room so that they are there to be used when needed, and the bikes all have a dedicated space in the garage on a stand. Clearly, in this household, the largest space is taken up with horses and horse care/riding equipment. Fortunately, all the horses Spark Joy…

Good luck with this category and let me know how you get on, or if you have any questions.


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