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Decluttering Craft Materials

Welcome to this week’s blog on craft supplies. Like Books, craft supplies are something that I find that I get quite a lot of push back on. People become very invested in their crafting materials. However, also like books, I do encourage people to do an audit of their supplies, even if they think that there is nothing at all that they would like to let go.

So bring all of your craft together and sort it out into groups. You can start on a macro scale, for example, sewing, knitting, painting, paper craft and so on. Within the larger categories, start to go smaller and smaller so that you can really see how much you have of each category.

If you see any duplicates, or items that you realise that you won’t use, let these go. There are plenty of places that you can let craft items go to that will make good use of them. Check out the sustainability tab on my website.

Do make sure that you are only keeping the things that you will use, and I’m going to go off on a side note here. I find that a lot of people keep various bits of beautiful material and wool that they have picked up and that they consider “too special” to use. Please use it! This stuff was not made to sit in a box, it was made to be used!

When looking to store your materials, remember to store like with like, and make use of vertical storage.


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