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A (Sort Of) Complete Guide Where To Donate and Sell

As you declutter, it helps to have an exit strategy for those belongings you are not choosing to keep. While your local recycling centre may be an easy option, I've listed some national (UK) organisations here that may be able to help your discards onto the next stage of their lives. If you in the North East of Scotland, I have some specific local suggestions on my website too at:

The website Reduce, Reuse Recycle has a wealth of ideas for recycling:

Recycling For Good Causes takes all sorts, including various small electricals, jewellery and old or foreign currency.

Terracycle recycle the “non-recyclable”

and on these sites you may find local people who would like your discards.

Other ideas for clothing donation are;

Turtle Doves will make a pair of wrist warmers out of your old cashmere jumper for you:

Smalls For All collect bras (and unused pants):

Cherished Gowns take wedding dresses and turns them into gowns for stillborn babies:

Peta take fur for demonstrations and also donate them to refugees:

Many wildlife rescues will also take fur to use for orphaned wildlife, but obviously, check with your rescue first.

Many charity shops take shoes. In addition, try the following charities:

Almost all charity shops take books to sell.

In addition, many schools, hospitals, libraries, and retirement homes may be happy to take your unwanted books, although please check with them first, especially in the current climate.

Bookcrossing and Bookmooch are simply fascinating ideas for a book worm like me!

Craft supplies;

As you declutter, you may come along some items that you would like to sell. Here are some national (UK) re-sellers that you may find useful (again, there are specific local businesses on my website). Local Social Media groups can also be great places to sell things, and don’t forget ebay!


H&M, Marks & Spencer and Zara all have recycling initiatives in-store.

To sell your wedding gown, try

CDs, DVDs and Books


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