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7 Strategies to Overcome Decluttering Procrastination.

It can be hard to get started on a task, particularly one that you are dreading or that feels overwhelming. Decluttering often falls into this category!

1. Forgive yourself NOW for not having done it before. No good will come of you talking unkindly to yourself about how your home looks or feels.

2. Remember your why – focus on what the end result will look and feel like. We’ve done lots on Vision recently, but there’s a reason I keep returning to it, and that’s because it WORKS.

3. Get accountable. I’ve talked about this before too, but honestly, if you want to get decluttered, find a buddy to do it with, join a free group, or join a course (or employ a PO!).

4. Schedule time in your diary. I often have tasks that I don’t particularly feel like doing, but if I write down a specific time in my diary to do them, I’m much more likely to get started.

5. Write down exactly what it is that needs doing and, most importantly, what is the next, tiniest step that you can do to move this forward? It might be collecting together the things that you need to start the project (take a look at this blog for 5 Things to do before you start decluttering).

6. Pick a simple project. I know that there are people out there who say that you should start the day with your hardest task, but this is not the case for decluttering. Start with something simple, like your sock drawer. Just take them out, pair them up, and check for holes and comfort. Then fold or roll them back up and pop them away again. Then do your pants, or your T-shirts. Small categories that give you quick wins.

7. Give yourself a small reward for completing those tasks as you go along!


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