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6 Steps to Conquer the Cleaning!

This week we are focusing on Cleaning and Laundry supplies.

over the door shoe holder with cleaning products organised into it.
An Over the Door Shoe Holder can be useful.

As usual, the process is simple one.

1. Gather all your supplies into one place.

Root out all of those supplies, have a really good hunt around.

2. Sort in to categories.

Make piles of cleaning cloths, bathroom cleaners, laundry powders, baskets and so on – this step is important so that you can see where you have duplicates.

3. Choose which ones to keep.

I can see why some people may find it hard to see how cleaning products can Spark Joy, but having a clean home can certainly be joyful! Do be honest with yourself on this and only keep the products that you actually use. Don’t hang on to things because it is wasteful to throw them away - the waste has already happened, keeping them in your cupboard for the next 30 years is not going to make the process any less wasteful.

I like to decant my laundry supplies for a clean look.

4. Organise the ones you are keeping.

I am often asked how to keep the under the sink area clear, and it’s like everything – the fewer items you have under there, the easier it is to keep it tidy. So declutter before organising. I use a bucket that I can pull out to take with me when I clean and I use an over the door shoe holder for my cleaning cloths. Amalgamate duplicates, but do make sure they are the same type so that they don’t react.

5. Rehome the ones you are letting go.

If the bottles are unused, you can often rehome them to a food bank. If you have bought something on the recommendation of a friend or relative, and found it’s not to your taste, you can offer it to the person who recommended it. Other supplies, particularly if they are older, need to be disposed of carefully in accordance with any instructions on the packaging.

6. Put Systems in place.

We have a cleaning rota – I have worked out what needs doing around the house, and split it up into a 4 week cleaning cycle. My children all have weekly cleaning tasks to help keep on top of the house. It took time to teach them how to clean initially, but it has paid dividends.

I also have a laundry schedule with washing being put on every morning. With 6 of us in the household, washing gets done every single morning, usually two, sometimes 3, loads. It keeps us in clean clothes. It gets sorted and folded every couple of days. Again, this is something that I have taught my children to do themselves. It took time to do initially, but now frees me up to do other things (like teach clients how to fold!).

Teaching children to fold take time but is worth it!

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