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Simple Sustainable Swaps


These are some swaps that we have made in our own family.  

I have no affiliations with any of these brands and get nothing for recommending them, I just like their products and what they do. However, many of these swaps make organising your life easier as they are delivered by subscription, saving you the effort of remembering to shop for them!   


The amusingly named Who Gives A Crap make toilet roll from Bamboo or Recycled Paper.

 They give 50% of their profits to build toilets in places without them.


We use refillable deodorant from Wild:

Brushbox supply bamboo toothbrushes:


Thistle and Clay are a local Aberdeenshire business who make gorgeous Shampoo bars (among other things).

Jim's Bricks make shower and shampoo bricks for men (and boys!)


We love buying our milk and other products from Forest Farm – a local Organic Dairy with a milk Vending Machine!

Rebyl Vybes do eco subscription boxes:

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