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Aberdeenshire-based Reuse and Recycle Organisations


As you declutter, it helps to have an exit strategy for those belongings you are not choosing to keep. While the local recycling centre may be an easy option, for those of you local to Northeast Scotland I've listed some organisations here that may be able to help your discards onto the next stage of their lives.

Destiny Partnership are a Social Enterprise who recycle anything electrical and they even recycle CDs. They will often collect.

Instant neighbour accepts beds, mattresses (so long as with a fire label), chests of drawers, bedside tables, bedding, sofas and armchairs (again, fire label please), tables and chairs, fridges and freezers, washing machines and tumble dryers, dishwashers, electric cookers, microwaves and similar items.  Also non-perishable foods for the food bank.  They will collect large items and others can be dropped off at their site in St. Machar Drive, but do check their website for details first.

Bairnecessities is a baby bank supporting babies in need.  Please check their website to see what is needed.

Abernecessities is a child support charity providing support to children in and around Aberdeenshire. They take donations of good quality Children’s items, but do check with them first to see what they need.

A local Charity supporting all those in need, based in George Street, Aberdeen.

The New ARC near Ellon take real fur coats to use for baby animal rescue.

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