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Terms and Conditions: In-Home and Online Services

The Tidy Coo is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and is a full Member of APDO UK (The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers). 

Insurance: The Tidy Coo holds full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance cover for services as a Professional Organiser/Decluttering Practitioner with Westminster Insurance. 

Confidentiality and privacy: The Tidy Coo provides a professional and confidential service, we will never divulge client details to third parties. If, during the course of our work, we are privy to confidential information this information will not be shared with third parties. The only way in which your situation may be mentioned to others, is in the context of our own services, and then it will be depersonalised and unidentifiable (e.g. “a previous client”). It is sometimes helpful to be able to give examples to other clients of how a particular situation may be addressed, for example; the type of storage solutions used, the amount of time taken to organise the room. Photographs may be taken at the beginning and end of the session to demonstrate how much you’ve achieved. We welcome Testimonials and we may ask to use these, or the photos from your session, on the website. These will only ever be used with your specific permission and personal details will not appear. 

Personal Safety and Respect: The Tidy Coo appreciates that strong feelings can arise during sessions, however to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all involved, any form of physical or verbal abuse is unacceptable.  In the event that such behaviour occurs, the session may be terminated and any funds paid, including those for current and future sessions, may be forfeited.

Limits of work: The Tidy Coo will work with you to help you achieve the state of organisation and tidiness discussed during the initial consultation. The decluttering process may involve moving things around and some light cleaning, which we are happy to assist with. We are unable to help with moving heavy items of furniture/appliances for Health and Safety reasons. If this is required, please consider arranging a willing volunteer. 

Best Advice: Advice is given in good faith and without pressure. It is always the client's decision whether to keep or dispose of specific possessions and whether to organise the house as suggested. The Tidy Coo cannot therefore accept responsibility for the consequences of such decisions. The Tidy Coo is not a valuer of art or other items of special value or rarity, you are advised to seek your own valuations of such items. 

Handling Goods: The Tidy Coo will always handle clients’ possessions with great care, but unfortunately accidents do sometimes occur.  The Tidy Coo shall not be held liable for damage or losses, however caused, during our work with you and request that you have current insurance policies to compensate you adequately. 

Removal of items: The Tidy Coo works with you, the client, with your own belongings. Any items not belonging to you can only be decluttered with the express permission of the person concerned, who should also sign below. Items to be removed from your premises, either for disposal or to other locations must be at your own discretion. Any loss incurred through such removal will be borne by you. Disposal will not take place without your authorisation. 

Hours of work: The Tidy Coo works in “Sessions” rather than to particular hours.  A Session usually lasts about 5 hours, not including lunch, but is flexible dependent on the circumstances.

Breaks and Refreshments: During sessions, it is important to take breaks to rehydrate and pace yourself.  These breaks are included in the session time. 

Cancellation: Both you and The Tidy Coo have the right to cancel the agreement due to unforeseen circumstances.  Cancellations within 72 hours of an appointment will be charged at 50% of the fee and cancellations within 48 hours of an appointment will be charged at 100% of the fee unless I am able to fill the appointment.  If The Tidy Coo cancels we will give you as much notice as possible and will reschedule at your convenience. If a suitable alternative date cannot be arranged, we will refund any monies paid.  If we arrive at your house or office on the day of the booked session and you are not there, the session will be forfeit. 

Payment Terms: Payment in full is expected at the time of Booking.

By booking our services you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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