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This short (8000 word) ebook covers how to keep your home tidy and organised when you have children. Written by Rosie Barron, The Tidy Coo who is primarily a Professional Organiser, but also a trained and experienced teacher and mother to four children, it is packed with tips, tactics and strategies to take the pressure off YOU.


Covering Relationships, Decluttering, Keeping it Tidy, Neurodiversity, Routines, Chores, Standard Operating Procedures, and Joy, it also includes a decluttering checklist, Children’s Spaces Worksheet and Rosie’s own Daily Checklist and Cleaning Rota.


Building off the chapter from Easy Life on children, this includes completely new material.


This Guide is included in 12 Weeks To Tidy.


Please be aware that the 14 day "Cooling off period" does not apply to digital downloads.

The Tidy Coo Guide To Working With Children

VAT Included
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