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What if you woke up every morning to a tidy home?

What if you could find the things you needed, when you needed them?

What if you always knew what to cook?

What if you could focus on living your best life?

What if life was just easy?


We all have different lives, but isn’t a peaceful glorious start to the day what we all want? How do we get to that point?


The solution is to declutter and organise your life, and that’s what 12 Weeks To Tidy is all about. Designed by Rosie Barron, The Tidy Coo, the course consists of 12 modules, with a workbook, How-To videos and step-by-step instructions.


The 12 modules are:

1. Preparation

2. Clothes

3. Accessories and Capsule Wardrobes

4. Self-Care (toiletries etc.)

5. Kitchen and Utility

6. Living Area (incl. books)

7. Deeper Storage Spaces

8. Papers

9. Digital and Time

10. Sentimental

11. Photos

12. Storage and Maintenance


If you would like more information, head over to the dedicated page.


Please be aware that the 14 day "Cooling off period" does not apply to digital downloads.

Self-Paced 12 Weeks To Tidy

VAT Included
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