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Rosie Recommends
Kitchen and Utility

These are products that we've either used in our own homes, or have had success using with our clients.

Please, please, please don't try and buy your way to an organised home - these suggestions are for AFTER you have decluttered!  There is no point in organising what you can let go of!


If you buy through these links, we may get an affiliate fee at no extra cost to you.  

However, please know that we would never recommend a product that we didn't whole heartedly think was good!

Lazy Susan

I love a Lazy Susan - particularly in awkward shaped cupboards. I have this one in my cupboards, but also this one and this one.

Glass Jars

I have recently moved away from Kilner jars (although my kitchen is still full of them!) to these Wex jars.  Glass jars are beautiful and useful, so I love having them around.

Fridge Organisers

It's useful to divide the fridge up into containers.  Make sure that you measure it first though!

Shelf risers and dividers

Making use of height is always sensible in kitchen cupboards.  I have this shelf riser in mine, but also this one.  I also have these shelf racks that create extra space.

Plastic Storage.

But I still have plastic storage for places where glass isn't so helpful, such as the freezer.  I love Sistema because they all stack!

Pretty Baskets

A bit of beauty in your storage is never a bad thing!  These cute baskets are useful for dividing up shelves.

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