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Rosie Recommends
General Organisation

These are products that we've either used in our own homes, or have had success using with our clients.

Please, please, please don't try and buy your way to an organised home - these suggestions are for AFTER you have decluttered!  There is no point in organising what you can let go of!


If you buy through these links, we may get an affiliate fee at no extra cost to you.  

However, please know that we would never recommend a product that we didn't whole heartedly think was good!

Really Useful Boxes

I am a big fan of Really Useful Boxes.  So much so that I was a wholesaler for a while!  I like them because they are sturdy and stack well.

Command Centre Board

I have this one stuck to my fridge to keep on top of all of our commitments.

Pencil Holder

I have this stationary holder for my children (although mine is actually a slightly different colour). It's been a really good investment.

Shredding scissors

I keep a pair of these next to the recycling so that I can easily sanitise documents that are heading straight to the bin!

Magnetic basket

As part of our command centre, I have this magnetic basket stuck to our fridge too. 

First Aid Box

I keep a first aid box to hand and I rather like this snazzy one. I wrote this blog on medicines.

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