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Rosie Recommends Books

Obviously the Best Book in the World Ever, is Easy Life, so buy that first...

These are some of my very favourite books.  For more recommendations of books from me, click HERE


If you buy through these links, we may get an affiliate fee at no extra cost to you.  

However, please know that we would never recommend a product that we didn't whole heartedly think was good!


This has to be my favourite book of all time - the impact it has had on my life cannot be overstated. For anyone feeling overwhelmed by life, this is a must read.

Fair Play

Fair Play was a real eye-opener when I first read it.  It has plenty of tips and tactics for balancing the mental load that is often carried by one member of a partnership.

The Life Changing Magic....

Of course, I have to recommend Marie Kondo's books!  These really were life changing for me as they set me down a new career path!

Why we sleep

If you are someone who thinks that sleep is unimportant, I implore you to read this book.  If you are someone who likes their sleep, read it to feel smug!

Atomic Habits

Another of my all time favourites, this book is an absolute classic for building good habits.  Similar excellent books are Effortless and Tiny Habits.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

Despite the title, this is not a depressing book!  Full of no nonsense advice, it is very readable.

Stolen Focus

A really interesting look at how the modern world is set up to keep our attention span short! An excellent read.

The Paradox of Choice

Are you a Maximiser or a Satisficer?  Find out with this super interesting look on how we can be stymied by choice.

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