If you feel buried under the weight of your belongings, I'm here to help set you free.

How Can I Help?


I offer in-home Decluttering and Organising as well as

12 Weeks To Tidy, an online Group Workshop.  Both are there to get you Tidy once and for all.


1. Choose Positively.

2. Start with the Easiest.

3. Work in Categories.

4. Handle Everything.

5. Let Go with Gratitude. 

Golden Rules

About Me.


I'm Rosie, The Tidy Coo.  

I'm a Platinum Certified KonMari Consultant and member of

APDO (The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers).


Ready for Change? 


If you are ready to change your life, contact me to book a free initial consultation.



Decluttered your belongings and not sure what to do with them now?  

Check out this page with suggested donation and recycling options. 

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