One of the things that I love about The Marie Kondo Method™ is that it changes the focus from what you want to discard to what you want to keep. Working by category rather than by room, it is designed to help you identify those things that make you happy, and help you in turn to let go of things, including those that you are keeping out of guilt.  Perhaps they were gifted to you, or they were expensive, or you’ve never used them; this method helps you let them go. Following the order laid down in The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, we tackle the easiest categories first and only come to make the harder decisions once you have really honed your instinct for what truly Sparks Joy. 

The method can be applied whether you are already a tidy person and just need a boost in order to live surrounded by your favourite things, or whether you are drowning in your possessions and need a lifeguard to pull you out and set you on course.  Using The Marie Kondo Method™, I will teach you the skills that you need in order to live your best life.

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