Wires and Lightbulbs - a Micro-Category

Hello everyone and welcome to an extremely belated Week 36 of Tidy2020. I cannot apologise enough for the lateness of the blog this week (it’s so late that it’s almost next week!). If you know me personally, or follow me regularly, you’ll know that one of the reasons that I am so organised is that I am extremely absent minded and would forget my own head if it wasn’t screwed on. A hugely busy week last week found me riding one of my horses when I should have been writing my blog and that was followed by a very busy weekend with clients and our first endurance ride of the season. But here it is, better late than never! This week I want to look at a bit of a micro-category, but an important one nevertheless. This is wires, bulbs and batteries.

The Girls and I on an Endurance Ride this weekend.

Wires, in particular, seem to breed. Almost every time a new electrical item comes into the house, it brings with it a profusion of wires, but when the electrical item is replaced with a new one, the item itself may go to recycling, but the wires seem to stay. So off you go on a wire hunt – collect the (unused) ones from all over the house and bring them back into a pile. Categorise them by type and truly look to see how many you have. Ask yourself if you will actually need that many wires in your life (particularly Ethernet cables!) because the honest reality is that you really won’t. Perhaps keep one spare for the (hugely unlikely) instance that the one in use stops working. Otherwise, just let the poor wires go. They can go to small electrical recycling and be recycled and the bits of them used. Far better than sitting in your drawers! Those that are kept, label clearly, wrap up so that they don’t tangle everything else, and put in safe place where you know where to find them.

Two even more micro categories are bulbs and batteries. Bulbs I brought in here because I remember being extremely surprised by this category when going through our own ones. I was amazed at how many we had that didn’t fit any of the light fittings that we had! Or perhaps were the wrong colour to go with the rest of the bulbs on a fitting. Let these ones go! Often local selling sites are a good place to offload them to someone who actually uses them. Final micro-category is batteries. This category is more about gathering them together in one place so that you know where to find them when you need them, but do check if they work before storing. Most councils will take used batteries, but often require them to be in a particular bag on top of your bin. Otherwise, various supermarkets will also take them.

Enjoy your micro-categories this week. We are now drawing towards the end of our physical belongings with just a few more weeks to go before we go into the digital world.