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What to do when it all Sparks Joy?

What do you do when individual items Spark Joy, but the number of them doesn’t?

In this situation, start with your vision. Look at your home in your mind’s eye and see what is in it when you have “finished” as this may help with letting go of some of the items.

Beyond this, I have two practical suggestions to help. The first is to decide on the number of things that you think are necessary. For example, if you are doing sheets, work out how many you need for your home, then put the sheets in order of preference, count down to the number necessary and let go of the rest. This works quite well for practical things.

The second is “How much space am I willing to give over to store this?” and this one works better with items that aren’t so practical as sheets, for example books or ornaments. For example, I have a set of shelving that I use for my ornaments (pictured). I can keep whichever ornaments I want so long as they fit neatly on the shelves. If I have too many ornaments for the shelves, then I have to choose which ones I like best to keep. It is up to you how much space you are willing to give over to each type of item – I have several bookshelves full of books, but some of my clients chose to have only a shelf. The point is that once you have dedicated an area, to stick to it.


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