Hello and welcome to Week 51 of Tidy 2020. I have just got home from my last client of the year and I am looking forward to a 2 week break with my family and animals. I will be around a bit on Social Media (and I’m certainly here to answer questions and messages), but not too much as we’re all looking forward to some much needed family time. January is fully booked for sessions now and I’m booking into February, so please let me know if you would like to get a date in the diary. Anyway, onto Tidy 2020 and this week I am discussing storage.

When decluttering and organising our homes, we declutter first and use the storage systems we already have. The most useful temporary storage solutions are boxes that we already have lying around, such as shoe or tech boxes.

However, there comes a point at the end when it can be nice to fit ourselves out with storage that is more designed for our space and so I’m just going to suggest some of my favourites. I have no affiliations to any of these that I’m going to mention, I simply mention my own favourites, and those of some other Professional Organisers too.


First of all, I love to have hangers that match and I am a relatively new recruit to Velvet Hangers. I love their slim-line shape and the way that the clothing doesn’t slip off them.

Ikea Skubb boxes are great for using as drawer dividers for clothing (and many other things). I don’t actually have any of these myself, but many of my clients have them, and they are an absolute favourite among other Professional Organisers too.

Clothes organised on velvet hangers
My wardrobe.


Whilst I am absolutely of the opinion that you should only keep your favourite books and those that you will read again and again (don’t leave them to moulder on your shelves!), I will honestly believe that I have done a good job with my children if their idea of decorating mostly consists of wondering how to fit enough bookcases in their house! I like the Ikea Billy bookcases for their flexibility.


We try to keep papers to an absolute minimum here, but those we have to keep are in vertical storage. These ones are nice;

Organised folders.
One of my clients put all their papers into matching folders.


Lazy Susans can be an excellent way of creating an accessible space in difficult to reach cupboards. I have one in a frustrating corner cupboard of my own which houses my oils and vinegars. Shelf risers, either simply stepped tiers to be able to see the items behind the front, or racks that create an entire new shelf, can be very helpful.

I love Kilner jars too

Food organised in Kilner jars.
I enjoyed decanting all my foods into Kilner Jars.


For Komono Storage, I like the Really Useful Boxes and also iDesign. Curver and Wham boxes are also a good cheaper option.

Trolleys, such as the raskog Ikea trolley are great for children’s art supplies, as well as a whole host of other things.

You can use shoe holders to utilise the space behind the doors

Cleaning products organised into a shoe organiser on the back of a door.
My cleaning products are on the back of a door.


I am a big fan of Ikea Kallus and Trofast for toy storage. I like them because they are sturdy and have drawers that you can pull out rather than boxes with lids. I tend to avoid anything with a lid as stuff is frequently left on the top of it rather than put inside.

What is your favourite type of storage?