Sewing kits.

Welcome to Week 39 of Tidy 2020! Autumn has officially started in the Northern Hemisphere and I can definitely feel the chill in the air here in Aberdeenshire. We are definitely approaching the end of Komono now and this week we’re going to look at a couple of micro categories.

First, I’d like to look at sewing and mending kits. You may have had a look at this topic a little already in Week 24 if Sewing is one of your hobbies, but if it isn’t, then now is the time to gather together anything that you might use for sewing. Many people collect the little sewing kits from hotels and have no idea how many they have until we bring them all together into one area. Please take my word for it that you need no more than one tiny travel kit. Most people don’t even need or use that, but I can understand if it makes you happy to have one in your travel box, just in case.

Similarly, many people have far more coloured threads than they need. If sewing is your hobby, then you may well have a veritable rainbow, but if you just have a kit to sew on the odd button, or repair the occasional hem (in which case, I suggest wonderweb), then you really do not need a massive array.

Once you have decluttered your kit, store it all together in one tub or tin in somewhere that is easily accessible and easy to find if you need to sew on a button at short notice – perhaps your wardrobe, or alternatively near where you do your washing.

The second category to take a look at is shoe cleaning. It’s amazing how many pots of dried out polish I find in people’s houses. Take a moment to gather them all together, along with any cloths or brushes. Discard any that are dried out, or are a colour of shoe that you no longer have and then arrange in a box near your shoes.

Short and sweet this week – I am taking a week off next week for our first proper break since the end of January. Our last break in June was a little scuppered when my husband badly concussed himself falling off his pony just before it… I’m looking forward to sleeping a lot and reading a lot! I will still be on Insta and FaceBook though and I’m expecting to get the blog out as usual next week.