Photo Storage

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 47 of Tidy 2020. Last week was our very last week on decluttering, this week we are moving into storage and beginning with Photo Storage.

Over the last two weeks, we spoke about how to declutter physical and digital photos and you should now have 3 “piles” – the A quality photos which are the ones that you want in Albums and on display. The B quality photos which are the ones that will end up on back ups and in boxes and the C quality photos which should have been deleted or trashed.

Now that we’re into storage, I want to talk about the 3-2-1 method of storage. This means that for every photo that you have, you should have 3 copies of it, on 2 different types of media, and at least 1 offsite. For example, you might have a copy of a photo printed out and stored (in an album or box), a copy backed up on a physical hard drive and a copy backed up in cloud storage (not iCloud as iCloud is a synchronisation tool, not a back up). This is just one example of many variations that are almost endless. I really would recommend a digital and physical copy of every photo that is worth keeping, so all the As and Bs.

Make sure that any storage that you use is Archival quality, so no sticky albums! Everything should be acid free. Photo books are a wonderful way to share photos and there are so many different companies that do them.

Have fun making your collections look beautiful!