Ornaments and Gift Wrapping.

Hello and welcome to Week 49 of Tidy 2020! We are heading swiftly towards the end of the year, although not swiftly enough towards Christmas for my children (who would like it to be Christmas yesterday). Last week we talked about Gifts, this week we’re talking ornaments and wrapping.

Yesterday evening I spent a constructive evening with Louise Lewis as part of one of the Networking groups I’m in and it was great fun. She showed us how to wrap a present with “invisible” seams and I’d love to join her lessons on how to pleat paper and really take my wrapping to the next level. I have to admit though that usually my wrapping is slightly more slapdash, particularly in relation to my role as Chief Elf.

Anyway, as part of her talk, Louise spoke about the number of people who have stashes of wrapping paper that they never use and this rang so true for me as a Professional Declutterer and Organiser! I often come across large stashes that people will never use and I encourage my clients to let go of all the bits that they will not use. This includes the accoutrements such as ribbons and on Thursday I spent a fun afternoon with a client going through her ribbon collection and paring it down to just the ones that she will use.

A decluttered and organised collection of ribbons in rainbow.
Rainbow Ribbons

When buying new paper, consider the importance of making sure that your wrapping paper passes the Scrunch Test (so that it can be recycled). If your paper stays Scrunched when you grab it, it is recyclable which is important. Louise also talked about the importance of measuring and then buying paper with a grid on the back to make it easier to cut so that you don’t waste paper cutting wrongly.

Here is Louise’s blog on 5 top tips for simple wrapping; https://louiselewis.co.uk/2020/11/01/5-simple-gift-wrapping-tips-that-will-save-you-time-this-christmas/

On to Christmas Ornaments. I feel slightly behind the curve this year as many people have already decorated! I love decorating my house, although I will admit that we don’t go all out here. We always have a tree in the hall and then just various bits and pieces out around the house. When we get the decorations out every year, we do a joy check, and again when they are put away. Because all the decorations Spark Joy for us, they all hang together nicely too.

So make sure that the decorations that you have Spark Joy for you and your family. Decorate your house at a time that Sparks Joy for you and your family and don’t be pushed into doing not doing something because someone else disapproves of it!

A curated collection of ornaments on a Mantle piece that brings us joy.
Last year's mantlepiece.

Next week I’m going to talk about Christmas Traditions and making your own in this rather odd year.