Organising your kitchen - Guest Blog!

Bio: Janine Morales is a professional Organizer and KonMari Consultant with Tidy Closet from San Diego California. With a background in Education and Psychology she continues to teach the benefits or organization.

How to organize your Kitchen step by step

Organizing your Kitchen can seem daunting, especially if you have a large space and many cabinets that are filled. The first step is to take a big breath. Then Imagine your perfect lifestyle. What will a tidy home enable you to do? What does your kitchen look like? How long does it take you to find things and put them back? Now that you have a vision, get started!

First we take out all the items from the cabinets. if you have a small kitchen you could take everything out at one time. However, If you have a big kitchen, time or physical restrictions I recommend only working on a couple of cabinets or set a time limit for no more than 2-3 hours per session. The kitchen is a big job, so don’t hesitate to hire your help. The process:

  1. Gather all items in one space (kitchen, counter, table or floor)

  2. Joy check your items: Ask “does this spark joy”, how often do i use this? Is it broken, What’s the purpose for this? Do not hold on to items because they were “a good deal” or because they were gifted to you. You want to surround yourself with only things that spark joy for you and support you in your desired lifestyle. For Items that do not spark joy, say thank you and either put them in a donation box or discard them if they are broken or expired.

  3. Sort items: If your items spark joy put them aside by category. For example cooking pots and pans will be stored together, spices or small appliances etc.

  4. Put Items back into the empty space after you are finished joy checking all of your belongings. Items you seldom use such as the rice cooker or a toaster should be stored on the top shelf in the cabinet, while things you use frequently should be stored where they are easily accessible. Store likewise items together and use (cardboard) boxes or plastic bins to keep then separate.

  5. Lastly, sell you unwanted items at a yard-sale or with this app locally or drop them off your donations at your favorite non-Profit. Then take your discarded and broken items to the trash.

Once you have organized your kitchen and given every singe item a home, You will find the things you are looking for and your family members will know where to put things back. you will save time and clean less. Ideally, you do not want to have anything sitting on your counter tops except for 2-3 appliances you use every day. A clean and organized kitchen is the center of the home and should not give you anxiety, but a sense of peace and pride as well as gratefulness to have everything you need available when you need it.