Organising your Computer.

Welcome to Week 41 of Tidy 2020. As we move into the Autumn, if you have been following along from the beginning of Tidy 2020, all of your physical possessions, apart from anything that has fallen into the Sentimental category, should now have been sorted and you should be enjoying the extra space and peace that comes from having a decluttered house. This week, before we start to go into sentimental, I want to take a look at the digital world – specifically documents on your computer.

The computer in these images is my own laptop – if I do virtual organising with you, it’s this that I am looking at. You will notice that there is practically nothing at all on the desktop and this is how I like it! I also have very little in the “dock” of the computer – just the programs that I use really regularly. Everything else is stored in files in the finder. I am working on a Mac, but it is perfectly possible to do very similar on a PC.

To declutter your digital space, follow exactly the same principles as with your physical space. Bring similar items together – check to see whether you are making a positive choice to keep them. Discard the unnecessary and then store like with like. If your computer is a bit messy, it may take time to go through all of your documents, but believe me when I say that this is a good use of your time. It will free up space on your computer AND in your head.

When it comes to organising your documents, I prefer to use a system that I would describe as a waterfall. Pretty big, broad categories, trickling down to a specific document. I prefer not to have too many choices in any one of the levels as it makes it easier to see what I am doing.

I’ve chosen two examples to show you – one with an extra layer to the other. To get to the pieces that I have written specifically for Tidy 2020, I go into

Documents> The Tidy Coo> Tidy 2020.

To get to the Menu that we have planned for the month, I go

Documents> Food> Menus and Planning> Monthly Menus> 2020.

It makes it super easy to find anything that I need.

So your challenge for this week is to declutter the documents and programs on your computer and arrange them in a such a way that it is easy to find them and not be overwhelmed with information every time that you turn your computer on.