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What to do with your old Magazines?

Welcome to week 7 of Tidy 21. Last week we discussed reference books. I hope that you managed to get them done. This week we’re moving on to magazines. This is a nice short category to soften you up before we start papers next week!

You know the drill by now, start by gathering together any magazines that you have around your home. Categorise them by type and then ask yourself if they Spark Joy and why you are keeping them if they do not.

Perhaps there was a specific article you wanted to read or reference? In which case, I’d advocate removing it from the magazine and keeping it elsewhere; the same if the article is sentimental.

If you are keeping it because you have not got around to reading it, ask yourself why you haven’t got around to reading it. If you truly think you will read it, don’t get any more magazines until you have, and if this thought fills you with sadness, then I would suggest that you won’t truly read the magazine that you already have!

I keep a number of interior design magazines to work through with clients for their vision, but there are not hundreds, just a few to focus the mind.

Doctors’ surgeries and other waiting rooms are often grateful for magazines, so it is usually easy to find a place to donate them, although obviously much harder right now!

In the future, consider going to a digital version of the magazine in order to cut down on waste – most magazines are now available as online versions.

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