Welcome to Week 26 of Tidy 2020! Last week was a catch-up week, but this week we are cracking on again.

If you have been following along every week, then the majority of your inside belongings should be done. There are still a few categories to mop up, and we have yet to get to grips with a category that will be huge for many people which is children’s stuff. Rest assured that I have not forgotten about this! However, I don’t want to tackle it just yet and the reason for that is many kids are still doing their school work at home. In the Tidy 2020 schedule I have put aside some weeks during the summer break to get on with that and so instead, we are going to take advantage of the lovely weather in the UK this weekend and head outside.

This week’s category is gardening. Now I have to admit that gardening is not a passion of mine. I LOVE a pretty garden and I love looking at flowers, or pulling home grown produce out of the ground, but getting them in there is a bit of a problem for me. With children, dogs, cats, poultry and, occasionally, horses running around on my lawn, we are not the sort of family who have stripes in our lawn (much to Mr Tidy Coo’s eternal regret).

However, I still do grow things when I have the time and I have a range of implements that I use. This last week when I was having a big garage clear out and reorg (more on that when the last bits and pieces are finished!), I pulled all my gardening stuff into one place. The pots, the tools, the bags of compost, the seeds, the gloves and I went through them.

I checked to see what was broken and needed to be mended, what was broken beyond repair, what I no longer used, and most importantly, what Sparked Joy because it was used and useful. I organised for the broken stuff to be mended (although this is stretching the truth a little, because actually Lovely Granny organised for it to be mended, but still, it got mended), for the discards to be recycled or given away and the remaining items to be stored by category.