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Decorative items.

Hi everyone and welcome to Week 40 of Tidy 2020. We’ve been having a lovely week “off”

here, with my husband and I managing to get away for a fantastic 2-night break mid-week whilst Lovely Granny looked after the kids. We’ll gloss over the way that I almost ended up in the river…

We are coming towards the end of our Komono sessions now and it won’t be long before we start to hit the sentimental category. If you have been managing to keep up over the last 9 months, then the vast majority of your house will be decluttered and organised. If you haven’t been able to keep up, then remember that all the posts are on my blog and in my FaceBook group and you can start those at any point. With that short introduction, this week we’re moving onto Decorative items.

Into this category comes pretty much anything that decorates your house, including things like candles, wax burners, vases, ornaments, throws and even the pictures on your walls, so long as they are not sentimental. This is not the week to do sentimental ornaments, but to Joy Check the ones that aren’t sentimental. It is quite a large category, but I’m hoping that as these are things that are on show that it will be relatively easy to make the decisions.

The usual, you need to bring all these things together into one place and categorise them. So all vases together, all candle holders together, all throws together, all cushions together, and so on. Handle each item in each category and honestly ask yourself if it Sparks Joy. Do you really love that picture that sits on the wall, or is it there just because it has always been? How about that throw – is it still something that you love to have hanging over the arm of your sofa ready to curl up in, or has it seen better days? How many wax burners and candle holders do you actually need? The ornaments that are sitting on your shelf, are they there because you love them, or are they actually just a pain to dust?

Remember, of course, that this is not about getting rid of everything, but about making positive choices to keep things. I have a number of ornaments that I really love that I keep out. Some people like to change up their decorations based on what time of year it is, in which case, now is a good time to check out your Autumn decorations too. Once you have decided which ones to keep, make sure that you display them in a way that makes you happy!